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Neighbors Feeding Neighbors Food Ministry

By Josh Robinson

Mitchell County


The Neighbors Feeding Neighbors Food Ministry reaches out to the people of Mitchell County that have a hard time putting food on their table.  We are currently located in Spruce Pine at 1353 Roan Rd in the Rock House.  We are a nonprofit organization currently under the Mitchell County Baptist Association.  We are partners with MANNA Foodbank and we have been classified as an XLarge Facility based on the number of people we serve.  We are currently providing food for over 300 people every month.  You don’t have to look far to find a person that is struggling.  The mission field is just outside your own front door.  The Bible tells us that we should love our neighbor as ourselves.  Do we really do that?  We currently have people in Mitchell County that live on less than $200 per month; some have no running water, no electricity, and no food.  We have people going through dumpsters at our local grocery stores and the homeless population is on the rise.  The only hope that these people have is God’s people in the field.  The Bible teaches us to show love, compassion, and not to judge others.  If we judge others, God will judge us in the same manner.  (Matthew 7)

Our ministry’s goal is to feed the hungry, show families that God loves them, and that the ministry loves them, and they are a part of our family.   Our ministry is in need of volunteers, financial donations,   and a larger facility.  We are growing at a very fast rate and are at maximum capacity at our current facility.  The people of Mitchell County need to understand that hungry families and homelessness are real, and it is here!  Yes, there are people who need help all around the world, but we have an incredible mission field in our own backyard.  It is sad to say, but it seems that a lot of people won’t help out locally because they judge people they know, or they have bitterness in their hearts towards someone.  Then, they stereotype all those in poverty based on their feelings towards a select few.   We must put the bitterness and hurt feelings aside.  God has given us a chance to pull together as one body in Christ and show his love for everyone!

Many of us were born and raised in this area, and it is our home on Earth.  Please join us in this local mission field before we are called to our eternal home in Heaven.  None of us are promised that we will always have a steady income, a home, food, good health, and family/friends.  Anyone of us could be a day away from losing a job, a home, getting a bad health report, or losing a loved one.  It may be you in need one day, so why not give while you are able and have the resources? (James 2:14-17)  The living conditions described above are real, they are here, and these people are our neighbors.   If you would like for us to come to your church or organization to give a presentation about our ministry, please contact us by phone or email.

Thank you and God Bless

Allen and Amy Hoilman – Directors (828-385-9446, 828-385-3975)

Josh Robinson – Assistant Director   (828-385-1325)