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Sanity in These Crazy Times

By Dr. Miguel Cruz

Yancey County


During this Corona Virus Pandemic, it seems the extremists are getting the most attention. We have the general media whipping everyone up into a frenzy thinking we are all going to die like in some of these movies that have been popular with similar themes (my favorite was the recent Planet of the Apes). Or those that are ignoring all caution as if nothing is happening and it won’t affect them.

What’s important to remember is that God is still real and in control so there is no need to panic. I still don’t understand what all the commotion about toilet paper was about.

We should pay attention to our government officials and the CDC. Stay home, getting out only when needed, avoid close contact with others, when you are around others be sure to wash your hands and keep them away from your face until you do. The problem is that there are probably quite a few people with the virus, and they don’t even know it. For most it may not affect them more than a common cold, so they think they are fine and end up taking it home to their grandparents or others who may be immune-compromised.

Unfortunately, if you get it, there is no cure other than treating the symptoms like you would for a cold or flu. (as of 3/24/20 there are several proposed cures but have not been adequately tested and one death due to the attempted cure) Those who already have breathing difficulty or immune weakness may have life-threatening complications for which hospitalization may be necessary to treat the symptoms.

In my humble opinion, the best thing we can add for our protection aside from the CDC recommendations is to take action to keep our immune systems strong. There are lots of measures one can take to do this, some I will point out shortly.

It is an unfortunate part of our healthcare system that more effort is not made towards educating the public about lifestyle habits that sustain our health: Things like the foods we eat, exercise or the lack of it, and the air we breathe. We may think living in the mountains gives us clean air to breathe, but if we go home to a moldy house, it will compromise our immune system (mold and its’ effect on our health is a good discussion for another time). Giving your body the proper nutrients it needs to stay healthy and learning strategies to better deal with daily stress can greatly enhance our immunity lessening the ability for a virus to have serious consequences. Unfortunately, there is not a lot of money to be made with these strategies so we don’t hear much about it, instead, we will be told about the different drugs and vaccines that will be made available and at a great profit to the pharmaceutical companies. I am not saying the drugs and vaccines are not needed, just that they would be less necessary if we all had stronger natural immunity through a healthier lifestyle and making healthier choices.

I was recently asked to speak at a men’s conference in a local church. They wanted to hear my story because in the last 3 years I had gone through severe appendicitis where my appendix had ruptured 2 days before I finally got to the hospital and Lyme’s disease that progressed to spinal meningitis. Both turned out fine with the help of modern medicine.

My story can be condensed to 3 filters by which I run my life and make decisions. Whenever faced with an important decision to make and even the simple ones I ask myself 3 simple questions. 1. How does this affect my walk with My God? 2. How does this affect my walk with my wife and family? 3. How will this affect my health?

It was through my faith in God that I knew that it would be alright, that I had nothing to worry about, the doctors would do their part, my body would heal as it should and my wife would keep the business running. I can honestly say I had no worries during both ordeals.

It was through my confidence in my body’s ability to heal that I knew no matter how bad the situation looked; my body can heal. I knew this because I do all the things, I know we should do but most people don’t because its’ not convenient. Like exercise, eat nutritious foods, take vitamins regularly and currently taking extra of the things to stimulate a healthy immune system.

It was through my confidence in my wife that I knew she would do the right things. We have spent the time together and trained together so I knew she was capable. I am a physician and she comes with me to most of my conferences and trainings so if you spoke with her, you would think she is a doctor, but she is not. She is a certified Integrative nutritional counselor and laser therapist/trainer and she works with me in our office. I bring this up because the Bible tells us that “the two shall become one” yet many relationships may be living together but are very separated. And this shows up in their health as well.

So, to summarize all this rambling, at the end of the day what can you do?

  • Have Faith, remember that God is in control. You still have to do your part with wise preparation, but please don’t panic and cause others to panic.
  • Take control of your health. Don’t wait for a crisis to get your attention. Having a stronger immune system will enable quicker recovery when you do get sick. If you don’t know where to start to contact a health care practitioner who can guide you.
  • Follow the CDC guidelines, for now, to prevent further spreading of disease.
  • Work on your relationship with your spouse, a good and loving relationship will help just about everything be better. If needed I recommend you find a faith-based marriage counselor.
  • Below is a list of clinically tested natural remedies that we recommend to our patients and I and my family use personally. They DO NOT claim to cure anything, they simply help make the body stronger so it can do what God intended our bodies to do….heal themselves!

Probiotics: Help give your immune system a boost and inhibit the growth of harmful gut bacteria. It can help promote the production of natural antibodies in the body.

Echinacea: Comes in liquid or capsule. I prefer liquid, follow directions on the bottle or 1 dropper in the mouth 3x per day.

Biocidin: Potent broad-spectrum botanical compound designed to support the entire immune system.1-5 drops in the mouth 3x per day

Vitamin D3 + K2: Vitamin D is important to many functions in the body including immunity. 5000 units per day

Lauricidin: Supports a healthy and hearty immune system. Helps your body maintain a healthy balance of bacteria and yeast that helps your body create a strong defense against pathogens in your body. Follow directions on the bottle.

Vitamin C: Everyone knows about vitamin C, take as much as you can tolerate throughout the day in intervals. For prevention, the dose should be between 2,000-3,000mg daily. If you get loose stools, your taking too much.

Argentyn 23, silver hydrosol: Silver has natural anti-viral and anti-microbial properties. This is a professionally formulated liquid that is safe for children and adults and will NOT turn you blue. 1 tablespoon 3x per day for an adult. It also comes in a spray that works great for a sore throat.

Quercetin: Is known for its antioxidant activity in radical scavenging and anti-allergic properties. Stimulates the immune system, antiviral activity inhibits histamine release & decreases inflammation, good for bronchial infection. 500mg 3x a day.

Elderberry: Studies indicate it works as good as Tamiflu



Dr. Miguel Cruz is in practice along with his wife of 35 years, Lesia Cruz who is a certified Integrative Nutritionist. They own Cruz Life Center in Burnsville NC. Dr. Cruz is a licensed Chiropractor since 1981. When asked what he does for a living he explains that he helps people get out of pain and improve their overall health without the use of drugs or surgery. Something everyone seems to want but nobody seems to know how to get there. Dr. Cruz accepted Jesus Christ in the summer of 1979 while in chiropractic school. He has since dedicated his life to helping people grow in physical health and spiritual health.