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What IS Todd’s Techy Tips?

By Todd Abraham

Athens, Tenn.Todd Abraham


Let me start by saying how much I appreciate Brian Barrier for blessing me to publish this article every month in Blue Ridge Christian News! And since this is our 3rd installment, I felt of the Lord to let you know just what is Todd’s Techy Tips. By the name, you probably think it’s about the latest, coolest things in the tech world. But that would be far from the truth. Before we dive into this digital dissemination, I must inform you that I am a very tech-savvy individual in so many ways. And everything that is done on the production side of publishing Heartbeat Christian News ( for my part is all computer-based. There are many good uses of technology but a greater portion is spiritually destructive.

Heartbeat Christian News has been in publication for almost 10 years now, praise God, and this article has been a staple article in every issue for nearly that whole time. Why? Because God laid it on my heart to warn His people about the very grave dangers of technology; especially smartphones! In addition to that, God not only blessed me to be very tech-savvy and knowledgeable but also with a very keen sense of observation and fairly good spiritual discernment.

Smartphones, very simply put, is the greatest form of freewill mind control ever known to the devil and those who serve him. They combine in one small device everything to keep the human mind enthralled for hours on end. They are the #1 idol in the world today and the greatest addiction facing mankind. If third world countries weren’t so poor, a vast majority of their citizens would have them also. Not to mention, the younger the individual, the greater the addiction is. Remember that the human mind isn’t fully developed till a person is about 30 years old. So smartphones are one very effective way for the devil to steal a person’s mind and expose them to things at early ages they should never see or hear. And common sense tells us that when freedom is gone and we witness the rise of the one-world government and the one-world church, smartphones will be the primary way they control and monitor society.

If that wasn’t bad enough, they have made liars out of just about every Christian on this planet who has them when they say they can’t live without them. That is a bold-faced lie and one God doesn’t accept and will judge you for; period! I recently interviewed for a part-time job with a very digitally established, nationwide company and got hired. My new boss told me I was the first interviewee who answered no in eight months when he asked me if I owned a smartphone LOL. On a very sad note as well, I don’t know of any preachers but one who doesn’t also have one of these wicked little devices and so it goes. Now friend, before you go and get huffy with me, please understand that it is God Almighty who put it in my heart to write this article and God confirms the Word I preach with signs following. All the glory to Him forever for that.

What’s worse is parents putting these heinous instruments into the hands of their underage and very impressionable children whose minds, and especially their souls, are not nor ever will be equipped to resist them becoming idols. I’m talking about elementary age on up. And if we as parents are being honest, we know that the teenage years are the most dangerous for bad influences on our children but practically every teenager I see has a smartphone. Proverbs 28:1The wicked flee when no man pursueth: but the righteous are bold as a lion.” You may think I’m bold but it’s not me but the Spirit of God Who lives in me Who gives me this article every month. It even fascinates me how much in-depth information the Lord leads me to write it. I’ll close with yet another bold statement. God doesn’t tolerate willful disobedience or liars or idols. So the onus is on you who reads this article because now you have been warned and are without excuse!


My name is Todd Abraham. I’m an evangelist of the gospel of Jesus Christ and publisher of Heartbeat Christian News which has been in publication for 9 years now by the grace of God. You can read all about it at


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