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31 Days of Repentance

By Monica Kritz

Mitchell County


Day 11:  Forgive me for not waiting on YOU, GOD.

Waiting. Don’t you just love to wait?  We have such negative thoughts about waiting.   Why?  Why do we think we have to have everything we want right now?

Have you every thought about any positive effects of waiting?  (I hear loud gasps, as you are reading this.)  “Really?” you may say, “waiting…positive?”  How about when you wait the week before CHRISTmas, looking at that beautifully wrapped gift under the tree?  Then, on CHRISTmas morning, it was worth the wait!  Or how many of you ladies out there were kissed by a lot of frogs, but finally waited on your “prince”…and he was worth the wait!  Children wait all spring and into summer for the time of Vacation Bible School…it finally comes…it was worth the wait!  Did you ever wait for a delicious meal to be cooked and served…and discovered…it was worth the wait?

Many times, I have “forced” my timing, kicking doors open.  I got in a hurry to do what I wanted, not waiting on GOD’s timing.  It seems I thought I knew best.  But how could I?  I cannot know what is going to happen in the future…but GOD does!  We should totally relax in HIS hands, secure and safe.

There are many examples throughout The Bible of people who did not wait on GOD – Abraham, Saul, and Moses, to name a few.  These examples are there for us to learn.  We repeat other people’s mistakes and sins, and we have no one else to blame but ourselves.  Let’s learn from the Biblical examples and from our own mistakes…and don’t repeat them.

Here is a verse from GOD’s Word that is so encouraging.  “Wait on the LORD:  be of good courage, and he shall strengthen thine heart:  wait, I say, on the LORD.”  (Psalm 27:14)  I surely want a strengthened heart.  It sounds like waiting on GOD brings good results.

Anyone who likes eagles probably has the following Bible verse somewhere in their house.  “But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.”  (Isaiah 40:31)  Read that verse again slowly, stopping at each punctuation mark and considering the phrase.  What a beautiful and comforting picture!

As you ponder this precious verse, ask THE LORD what HE is teaching you through this season of waiting.


* Ask yourself:  Do I “hide” from people in the store, because I don’t have time to talk?  If the answer is yes, slow down.  If we will take the time to speak to someone (and I don’t mean you have to linger for an hour), I believe GOD will stretch our time.

* The next time you are in line at a store, talk to someone else who is in line.  THE LORD may be giving you an opportunity to encourage them or even tell them about HIM.   When you are waiting in a drive-thru line, send someone an encouragement text or Bible verse.  If children are in the car with you, sing a song together or make up a game to play (for example, the different colors of cars you see or the number of cars, etc.).  Take advantage of this time with them.  Set a good example for them by showing  how to wait respectfully and not be angry nor frustrated.

* Use your time wisely.