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Narrowly Focused

By Todd Abraham

Athens, Tenn.Todd Abraham heartbeat Christian news

The average size of a smartphone screen is about 6 inches. That is where most people’s focus is these days. Narrowly focused on about 6” of cyber blindness. Oblivious to the world around them and how their freedom is being taken away. The greatest of all these freedoms is your religious freedom. The goal of the developers behind the smartphone technology, especially the apps, is to keep you staring at your phone as long and as often as they can. Meanwhile, the world around you, the big picture, grows more bleak because the power of the devil is rising rapidly. Most of it secretly and Satan couldn’t be more happy.

Satan loves smartphones! Scientific studies have proven that smartphones have people content with broken bits of information therefore rendering the users unable to think deeply, quietly, and contemplatively. This contradicts one of the key factors of successfully serving the Lord, which is to be still and quiet and listen for wisdom and direction from the Lord.

I have to rely on the wisdom and knowledge the Lord has blessed me with to bring you some of this information printed here in Todd’s Techy Tips because the world and all its experts love technology and the insurmountable amounts of money they are making because of it. The sinister money men who control the world’s money loving the free will mind control they have achieved because of smartphones. Did you know in this same study that fake election news stories from phony sites significantly outperformed stories from major news outlets? Most everyone, including Christians, has lost interest in the ins and outs of their respective governments allowing the deceptive powers to just about gain full control. They are very close.

Narrowly focused on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube and so many other sites where the vast majority are doing nothing but wasting time and numbing their faculties. Remember this article is for YOU, the Christians, who love the Lord in sincerity to protect and deliver you from the wiles of the digital devil. Technology, especially smartphones, is the chief weapon against mankind that we have ever known about. Satan will never show his hand openly. He always works through deception and he is the master deceiver. If he can win your mind, he has you. Has he won yours? Those who serve the devil will never reveal their hand. They work in the utmost secrecy. Have you forgotten that the Lord warned us of the time we live in? Matthew 24:21 “For then shall be great tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be.”

Keep this one very fearful thing in mind. If the Lord turns you over to a reprobate mind, you will NOT know it! But you will spend the rest of your life after that point thinking you are right with God when you are not. REPROBATE, verb transitive 3. To abandon to wickedness and eternal destruction. 2Thessalonians 2:11 “And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie:” For those of you who have forgotten the fierce judgment of God Almighty, notice in that last verse how He is the one sending the strong delusion! For what purpose? That they should believe a lie. Repent, Jesus is coming!


Todd Abraham is an evangelist of the gospel of Jesus Christ and publisher of Heartbeat Christian News which has been in publication for 9 years now by the grace of God. You can read all about it at


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