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Are we abounding in Sin?

By Dean Honeycutt

Mitchell CountyDean Honeycutt Mitchell County Snowhill Baptist Church

I am outraged along with many others over the senseless death of retired police chief Andreas Probst in Las Vegas. Probst was riding his bicycle on the morning of August 14, when a teen driver intentionally hit him from behind and killed him. The horrific collision was videoed by a teen passenger. You can hear the teens laughing as they target Probst. The driver asks, “Ready?” And the passenger says, “Yeah, yeah, yeah, hit his a–.”  The driver proceeds to hit Probst from the rear sending Probst up into the air hitting the windshield and then hitting the pavement hard. Probst was taken to a hospital and pronounced dead.

Probst wife outraged made this statement, “It’s not just about one victim. We as a nation are victims. We are victims of senseless crimes; we all need to show up and show our outrage in the courtrooms.” Our hearts break for this family and senseless murder. Capital punishment is a law that exists to deter crime. Criminals have no fear of our current judicial system.

It is hard to understand how people can hurt others and kill them without any remorse or compassion for human life. We see this on the news all the time how ungodly and evil people have no regard for human life. And what can we expect out of a nation who have killed millions of unborn babies without remorse and value of life? Because of abortions, violent video games, police backlash, glamorization of crime and criminals portrayed in movies and music, no accountability for riots, and an unjust legal system, we have become a nation that has lost its moral path.

We are fast approaching what Jesus said the world would be like prior to his return. Jesus said, “because sin shall abound, the love of many will grow cold.” Sin is abounding in America and people do not love one another. When we do not care for one another then we do not care about a person’s life. We have no regard or respect for human life. This attitude is growing in America and sin is abounding. The confusion about gender identity and the prolific approval of gay and lesbian people is a sign that we are nearing the last days.

Jesus said as in the days of Noah and Lot so shall be the behavior and morality of people on earth before the return of Christ. Two prevalent characterizations of Noah’s time and Lots are first a blatant disregard for human life and second sexual perversion with moral depravity. It is not hard for us to see and understand we are on a fast track to the same culture and actions that brought judgment from God. Non-believers are blinded to the demoralization of America. How often do you hear journalists or news reporters discussing the sinfulness of the human heart? How often do you hear them discussing what must take place in a person’s heart for them to do good and love others? How do we treat people with respect and how do we love others as ourselves if we do not acknowledge we are sinners in need of a Savior? Our public schools are shameful because we have replaced discipline with tolerance.

On a national level, we do not encourage the institute of marriage between one man and one woman. We do not encourage the family unit. The best environment for a child is the home with a mom and dad loving that child and training that child to follow Jesus. What you are looking for will radically impact what you are living for.

I am frustrated as many are at the moral decay of America. I am tired of seeing all the gay commercials on television. There is no respect for the Church or the preacher of God’s Word.

I love my family, and I love my church, and I love living and I am really concerned about my grandchildren living in this world. Lord help us, please. May the Lord creator of heaven and earth have mercy on us.

With a heavy heart,

Pastor Dean


Pastor Dean Honeycutt shepherds Snow Hill Baptist Church in Bakersville, NC. He may be reached at 828-385-0213,, or visit their website at

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