August 2016: Principles

August, 2016 IssueAugust is back-to-school, and it's a good time to evaluate core principles and how they affect our lives. In this month's BRCN, Reverend Mark Creech looks at the controversy surrounding the NBA moving its All-Star Game from Charlotte due to House Bill 2. Tom Anglin challenges us as Christians to unite through our fellowship to reach a world increasingly in trouble, but start by rooting out causes of disunity. And Lana Ellis encourages us to take a look at our own lives and clean out the clutter that that has built up that may be weighing us down.

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It Ain’t No Game

Photo of Reverend Mark Creech

The Founders, the Bible, Warned about Opposition form groups like the NBA and other Corporate Interests

The NBA's Commissioner, Adam Silver, said at a recent press conference that the league hasn't made up its mind whether the 2017 All-Star Game will be held in Charlotte as planned. Silver has said unless North Carolina's HB 2 law, commonly known as "the bathroom bill" isn't repealed or remains significantly unchanged the game would have to be moved from Charlotte.
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A Snake in the Fuse Box & The Unity of the Faith

Photo of a snake in an electrical breaker box
In the early 80's I had a wonderful job working as a maintenance supervisor at a beautiful, mountainside Christian retreat center. I was fairly new to the work and was eager to show my "skills" in tackling disrepair of any kind! We had a group coming in and they wanted to stay in the large home that we had. It was not used often and it had been sitting a while. The time came for me to go through and inspect the house for any problems. I, of course, went to turn the lights on as I entered, and they would not come on.
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Lana’s Stuff

Beth Davis with Clint Pollard

After my mother went to heaven several years ago I wrote an article for the Blue Ridge Christian News called “My Mama’s Stuff”. It had to do with cleaning out her accumulated “treasures” from the basement, having a yard sale and donating the remainder.  Now it’s time for me to do the same in my basement and other nooks and crannies.
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The Rest of the Story

by Farmer Doug

Photo of Groundhog

This was the second Funny Farm Story that Clint wrote back in 2010 when we had just started Blue Ridge Christian News.  As I was rereading it I was laughing as hard as I did the first time I read it and the first time I heard him tell the story at the supper table, and yes, it was supper not dinner on the farm. 

As I look back on the bean patch, there were several things that took place in that bean patch with Clint that were really funny.  The first thing that comes to mind was when we were stringing up the cornfield beans and putting the poles in the ground to put the wire on to string up the beans.  My dad, A.D. Harrell, was still living and if you happen to have known dad, you knew that he was a no nonsense type of man.  You did the job right the first time or there was heck to pay.
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